Aggregate the traffic of network, cover all scenarios of marketing, and provide enterprises with integrated marketing services

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Create A Fully Closed-loop Consumption Experience, To Maximise​ ROI

Rabbit-B advertising marketing builds a fully integrated marketing service from multiple dimensions such as market insight, big data application, media strategy and placement, product marketing activities, content marketing and all omni-channel CRM, including online marketing, micro marketing, video marketing, event marketing, and etc

1.Social Marketing

Social marketing is a marketing strategy that uses social networks and other media to conduct marketing activities, maintain public relations, and serve customers. The fragmented markets method will penetrate into all aspects of consumers. At present, social marketing has become a key link in the corporate marketing strategy structure.

Rabbit-B assigns social product attributes and creates innovative concepts that are in line with social communication habits; promotion marketing channels, actively transforms brand content to socialize, and creates content with communication power; spreads in relatively influential media channel, and realize the marketing growth of brands and companies

2. Content marketing

The value of the information content is becoming more important. Therefore, many brands have begun to take "content marketing" as one of their core marketing strategies. Let the brand give a story, a feeling, different from similar products, finds its own traffic track for the brand, and achieve traffic upgrades.

Rabbit-B analyzes consumer behaviors through big data, understands consumer demands, gives brands more scenarios and stories, injects brand labels into content, and accumulates brand content into IP, which will enable brands to form distinct memory points in consumers’ hearts. It even drives the sales and development of the brand.

3. E-commerce Channel Marketing

E-commerce has become an important force in consumption growth. China has driven the cross-border trade, which will inject new impetus into the future of e-commerce. Companies will be able to cross national boundaries. The technology advancement such as secure payment, order tracking, and customer service, the global e-commerce market has shown an exponential growth trend.

Rabbit-B integrates an omni-channel operation marketing plan, which can provide customers with e-commerce hosting operations, one-stop solution for you from product positioning, packaging, design, to operation, promotion, and marketing, and solving various issues such as brand building.

4. New Media Marketing

New media marketing is jointly supported and operated by advertisers, marketing service providers, MCN, KOL and new media platforms to form the structure of the brand industry. KOL carried out the marketing activities on social platforms, content platforms, short video platforms and other new media platforms.

Rabbit-B's new media marketing activities are based on data accumulation and precipitation, allowing brands and companies to conduct operation based on proven cases , and enhance the effect of communication and interaction through successful experience.

5. Internet Marketing

The competencies of internet and audience spreads and conveying the core value of the brand rapidly, Every movement of the brand can stimulate the infinite creativity of the participants, attract the attention of multiple parties, and turn passive into active. It will definitely enhance the brand value and the brand influence.

Rabbit-B deeply analyzes the needs of companies, establishing a good corporate brand image, and improving the company's internal and external marketing needs. Actively assist company to find the core of development strategy, quickly and accurately link designated media, make the Internet a bridge between the brand and the interaction between companies and consumers, and establish the corporate brand image from a strategic perspective.

6. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is a new type of interactive marketing. It is based on the premise that product quality and service are guaranteed, which can form a lasting and positive word-of-mouth effect.

Rabbit-B uses the word-of-mouth information of consumers or corporate sales personnel to communicate with target consumers to deepen the impact on target consumers and ultimately achieve the purpose of marketing.

7. Community Marketing

The marketing model based on the community is called community marketing. It gathers people with common interests and hobbies through individuals or groups through groups of netizens, and gathers people through word-of-mouth communication. Create long-term communication channels with target customer groups.

Rabbit-B's community marketing takes the enterprise as the media element to establish a circle of friends. Through social media communication platforms, such as social networks, online communities, micro movies, micro posters or other Internet collaboration platforms and media to spread and publish information.

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