Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Provide comprehensive audit and assurance, management consulting, financial consulting, risk consulting and tax services for multinational and high-growth corporate clients.

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Rabbit-B Provides Professional Services With A Strategic Platform For Cross-border Companies.

With professional qualifications and experience, we have an excellent team and a continuously improving global service network. Our cross-border companies and brands provide diversified business services, including FBA confiscated appeals, VAT registration, declaration, audit, account appeals, corporate consulting, company and global trademark registration, credit investigation and other business services.

1.Registration of Company

We help to register offshore accounts, send and receive international payments, enhance the international image of enterprises, develop transnational business, reduce international trade relations, and increase profits. We are familiar with the company laws and tax systems of various countries/regions, combined with relevant legal systems, we use our existing advantages to establish Hong Kong, Chinese, overseas companies for domestic and foreign investors Company, and provide company secretarial services for subsequent operations.

- Chinese company registration 
- Hong Kong company registration
- Overseas company registration 
- Offshore company registration 

2. Audit & Assessment

According to current laws, companies must appoint certified public accountants to audit the company's accounts. In Hong Kong, if a limited company has business, the audit report of the certified public accountant is still a prerequisite for its tax declaration. In addition to tax returns, audit reports can also be used for financing and lending, and can improve the management level of the enterprise, thereby protecting the rights and interests of shareholders. Benefit from the knowledge and experience of various industries. Our audit report not only evaluates financial information, but also considers the risks that may exist in the company's operations.

- Statutory audit
- Internal Audit
- Special project audit

3. Accounting & Finance

Accounting is an economic management activity that uses currency as the main unit of measurement and uses special methods to calculate and supervise the economic activities of enterprises. Through procedures such as bookkeeping, settlement and reimbursement, accounting can fully reflect the financial status and operating results of the enterprise. Enterprises entrust accounting bookkeeping, work of professional bookkeeping companies, which not only saves costs, but also obtains financial statements that comply with accounting standards. At the same time, the analysis and suggestions of relevant data from professionals can help improve the management level and profitability of the enterprise.

- Acting as an accounting agent
- Set up accounting system
- Financial statement preparation
- Evaluate accounting policies

4. Company Secretary Service

In addition to daily matters during the operation of the company, in order to allow the management to have more time to focus on the business, we will also extend some demands that are directly or indirectly related to the operation. We are committed to reducing the troubles and doubts that customers have when facing relevant laws and regulations. Meantime, they convey the latest company laws, assess whether the company's strategy complies with the relevant laws, and analyze the impact on the company. In addition to providing auditing, accounting, tax consulting and other services, our firm also provide diversified company secretarial services to fully meet the needs of corporate development.

- Hong Kong company secretarial services
- Hong Kong company liquidation/deregistration
- Chinese company cancellation
- Change of company equity or directors

5. Tax Consulting

Our tax advisory team is composed of tax consultants from different country, who have a thorough understanding of the tax laws of Mainland China, Hong Kong and other countries, and have a wealth of practical experience. With a deep understanding of our customers’ businesses and industries, we can assist in solving tax issues, identify risks and opportunities in operations for customers, and help customers improve compliance, improve cash flow, and strive for the most Tax incentives.

- Corporate tax advisory services
- China Tax Service
- Hong Kong Tax Service
- Multinational corporate tax services

6. CEPA Free Trade Agreement

CEPA is a free trade agreement between the Mainland and Hong Kong. CEPA covers four major areas, Which is trade in goods, trade in services, investment and economic and technical cooperation. The intention is to strengthen the trade relations between the two places in goods and services, promote trade and investment between the two places, and play a positive role in accelerating the economic and trade integration of the two places and promoting the long-term economic and trade development of the two places. For companies incorporated in Hong Kong foreign investors, as long as they meet the definition of Hong Kong service providers prescribed by CEPA, they can use CEPA opening measures to conduct business in the Mainland.

- Trade in Goods
- Service Trade
- Investment
- Economic and technical cooperation

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