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We placing a strong focus on China and successfully builds global connectivity. We specialize in providing data, resources, and services for multinational companies.

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RABBIT-B is committed to top-level design which includes Integrated communication, resource integration, business growth, and offering one-stop, all-round solutions for the best service available with every need. Provide customers with the best brand-building plan to increase brand awareness and growth. 

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Our Core Team Member

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Rabbit B - CEO

Tsoi Yuen Hoi

  • Hong Kong Certified Public Accountant
  • 20 years experience in entrepreneurship with cross-industry resources and connections.
  • Member of The Korean Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
  • Thailand SAHA GROUP partner
  • Serving more than 30,000+ overseas large enterprise, strong cooperation and good relationship across national borders.
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HK General Manager

Glory Chan

  • Responsible for the execution of global business
  • Business expansion in Malaysia, Canada, Singapore and etc., Familiar with the Southeast Asian market.
  • Excellent in building corporate image and action plan, helps in business development.
  • Strategy customization and execution of multinational cooperation projects.
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Korea General Manager

Aailyah Han

  • Korea Accountant & Marketing Group Leader
  • Content Marketing Editor of Korea's "Joongang Ilbo"
  • Hosting of business conferences for large domestic companies & Korean-Chinese translation
  • Content writer & consultant of the Korean broadcaster EBS TV program "Hello China".
  • NAVER CONTENCE INFLUENCE, "China & Korean Economy" with more than 10,000 fans in Korea
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China Media Director


  • Responsible for media and industry resource communication
  • Personal and corporate image trainer
  • Organizer of "World University Games"
  • Participated in the Porsche advertisment as costume organizer
  • Costume organizer for large-scale show
  • Organize and execute multiple commercial activities
  • Senior of new media platform
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Business Director


  • Business communication and planning execution
  • Senior in advertising industry
  • The OCT Harbour 2018 event planner
  • OCT Huaxi content channel planner
  • China Merchants Bank Customer Appreciation Event Planner
  • Programme editor of Guangdong TV Station "Ye Qing Qing"
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Director of Big Data


  • Big data analyzer and export data visualization
  • Master's degree graduated from the School of Management, Northern Illinois University, USA
  • Served 5 industry IPO projects including the retail industry, and has his own unique insights into data.
  • Worked as taxation of LUNA Medical Center in New York. He managed to control the investment risks and profit dynamics
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China Marketing Manager


  • Assist in the promotion and bidding of major systems
  • Senior Marketing Director
  • Manage campaign for more than Millions in total
  • Possess multi-channel advertising and media resources
  • SEO /SEM/News feed promote
  • Public relations events and integrated communication
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Malaysia Country Manager

Jerry Lim

  • Graduated from the University of Greenwich, UK
  • Lead Designer of RabbitB
  • Helped more than 80 companies to build their branding and web design
  • SEO/Web Designer
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Thailand Digital Marketing Manager

Nirada Kritsanaseranee

  • Certified Digital Marketing Specialist ( DMI )
  • Certified google ads specialist
  • Responsible for assisting international brands, market Research, marketing strategies, social Media and KOL organizer
  • Account executive in global advertising industry
  • Developed innovative, creative and unique approaches for a variety of clients sites to presence brand awareness
  • SEO, SEM, SMM, data analyse expert

Our Collaborative System​

We assist customers in integrating domestic and foreign information, technology and business resources, efficiently matching accurate resources for customers

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