Big-data Marketing Service

Big data analytics techniques help in analyzing trajectory data to better understand user's behavior, browsing habits and etc. Big data mining can turn raw data into useful information.

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Data-driven, Excavate User Value

Rabbit- B helps in creating creative content by using big data technology to optimize the big data. We provide customers with data visualization, systematic and more flexible marketing solutions.

1.Research And Analysis

Market research is an important basis for companies to make strategic marketing decisions. We help the companies acquire larget-volume, accurate, timely and systematic of the market information.

Rabbit-B helps you to understand the supply-demand, and production volume of domestic and foreign market. We aid you in sorting out the latest business models and current industry characteristics. We support your companies by enhancing or reconstructing your current business models, analyzing regional economic resources and current industry situation. We able to predict the future development prospects of the industry, creating an opportunity and turning points in industry development.

2. Digital Marketing

Our integrated marketing solutions have surpassed traditional digital marketing concepts. We provide international brands with our comprehensive marketing solutions in the China market. From visual creativity, public relations, digital marketing, offline activities for all kinds of cross-border cooperation. We support experienced industry background and top industry resources, including marketing strategies, social media operations, media delivery and KOL cooperation, offline store, event planning and execution, and etc. We enhance brand reputation, expand the domestic market speedily, and integrate sales and marketing. Our goal is to assist customers identify the most suitable channels, create, and deliver brand-compliant messages, and maximize the return on investment throughout the China's major global ecosystems.

Digital Marketing
SEO Development & Optimization

3. SEO Development & Optimization

SEO is a search engine marketing and it can create accurate website traffic to the company. Mainstream search engines includes 360, Sogou, Baidu, Tencent, Toutiao, GOOGLE, and etc. SEO optimization can save cost and it is generally maintained a good ranking for more than one year. Rabbit-B builds brand recognition from multiple dimensions such as branding, word of mouth, and drainage. We use manual and technical optimization to completely solve the traditional SEO limitations such as slow, poor and unstable rankings. With the successful application of the technology, the site's ranking has been achieved rapid effect which is in 1-7 days, SEO hot topics and trends, keywords competition is achieved, and it reveals the increase of website traffic in the short run.

4. Content Advertising

The biggest feature of Content advertising is that "advertisement is content, and content is advertising." It can be integrated with information content to bring users a deep reading experience. It helps advertisers conveys the information content to users and creates users' acceptance. Moreover, most platforms rely on AI to achieve the accuracy of personalized advertisements to target groups, making cost-effective advertisement.

Rabbit-B analyzes consumers' interests and hobbies in-depth, establishes the clear crowd portraits, creates rich scenes, and makes personalized information, recommendations for each consumer to meet the diverse needs of consumers based on big data analysis. The brands and companies better understanding on the status and supply chain transparency, which make the best use of every budget by factual exposure and clicks.

Content Advertising
Private Domain Traffic

5. Private Domain Traffic

The advertising cost of public domain traffic is kept increasing and the platform-bound rules caused the brands and merchants facing difficulty for marketing. Thus, private domain traffic has become an important traffic pool for brand marketing which turning customers into their own promoters, realizing fission sales and expand the scale of customers. In addition, the data collection can excavate more commercial value.

We helps companies excavate user value, scene reconstruction, improve the efficiency of new operations, retention, promotion, and fission, and provide research and consulting , data analysis and other services which support businesses build their own private domain traffic pools.

6. Data Analysis and Application

The databank is used to segment and analyze the four groups of cognition, interest, purchase and loyalty for the potential and existing customers. The potential customers and existing customers are further subdivided at each stage, identifying opportunity groups and formulating related marketing plans. Meantime, databank analyzes the best-selling products that have successfully attracted and retained customers and ensure that be revealed accurately through proper inventory planning.

As a consumer brand asset management center will conducts 360-degree insight, analysis of consumer portraits, and the relationship between consumers and brands can be quantified and assessed through an advanced data analysis system. The accumulation and reactivation of consumer contacts and the integration of offline and online data can achieve refined operations for consumers and extend their life cycles.

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