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Rabbit B's value brand theory system explores the unique value of the brand . We implement creative thinking and international standards to deepen the Asia-Pacific market, formulates strong brand development strategies that adapt to market changes.

1.Brand Planning

The core value positioning of the brand can meet the desires of consumers and the company, and satisfying unmet needs at the same time. Rabbit-B helps to build brand positioning and make your brand occupy a distinct position in the mind of the consumer as compared to competing brands.

Rabbit-B build your brand's core positioning by identifying, inspecting, evaluating, and executing each brand of our project. Through our advantageous design concepts and innovative creative solutions, we provide a strategic development framework for brand development or design projects to attract the target audience's attention and create a memorable brand.

2. IP development

IP is an intangible asset with cultural heritage value and sustainable commercial development capabilities. In recent years, major brands, real estate and shops have borrowed popular IP such as Peppa Pig, Marvel, Disney, and Van Gogh for marketing activities. IP emphasizes the sense of communication between brands and users. The brand value is conveyed through brand personality and content. The arrival rate and acceptance of business information are improved which allowing consumers to quickly establish a brand association and brand identity. Meantime, IP derivatives can create new markets brands, which will have a significant impact on the future strategic plan of the company.

3. Brand Design

Rabbit-B design the image of branding, content operation, optimizing online-offline strategy to strongly penetrate into various segments of products and services.

Excellent design minimizes the communication distance between brands and consumers. An excellent brand design can make consumers resonate between aesthetics and communication.

Rabbit-B spans multiple industries and brand touchpoints, providing companies a unique and complete innovative experience with strategic solutions, brand and corporate identity design system, VI, CIS specifications, LOGO design, graphic design, packaging design, catalog design, website design, multimedia design, and brand event production, exhibition and commercial space design. We use the latest design trends and technologies to provide our customers with the most innovative communication tools and bring the greatest benefits.

4. Brand Marketing

The most effective marketing is not to establish a huge marketing network, but to use the power of branding to build an invisible marketing network and deliver products to consumers. Our mission is to stimulate consumer's purchasing intention and to establish a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our marketing team provides complete brand marketing planning, full platform marketing solutions and other services. Based on big data analysis, find the strategic fulcrum of the brand, improve the efficiency with the best cost, accurately match the brand tone, escape the price war, reduce the dependence on local tactics, and establish the premium ability to the upstream and downstream.

5. Branding & Public Relations

Brands needs the marketing support in order to target the customer groups accurately and increase the brand awareness. Through public relations communication, to creating a visual scene between consumers and brands. We Help brand to establish a communication bridge with target customer groups to achieve more valuable competition for the brand.

Rabbit-B integrated marketing communications and public relations, help companies and brands plan marketing promotion plans and media public relations strategies, coordinate communication, and form a good to maintain and consolidate market position and enhance the vitality of brands and enterprises, including government-enterprise relations, cross-border cooperation, media communication, brand cooperation, and etc.

6. Brand Strategy Consulting

Rappit-B help enterprises to successfully achive the brand integration services through the brand-centered and systematically. There is "three in one" process. The first is the process of the overall performance and systematic output of the corporate brand strategy and building the entire brand system; the second is the process of branding the brand strategy to the corporate operating system; the third is the building of corporate brand core capabilities under the guidance process of the brand strategy.

RabbitB refining the core value of the brand and strategic layout, execution and other dimensions, and builds the super brand engine to build a strong branding. Rabbit-B helps companies to continuously move towards greater progress.

7. Brand Importing and Exporting

Rabbit-B is promoting the brands to worldwide. As the consumption power of people in the Z era gradually increases, the structure of China's consumer industry Changes has begun, and the superior growth environment has given this generation a more dimensional pursuit of commodities. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the market for imported goods, enhance consumer competitiveness, and form a higher dynamic balance in which demand drives supply and supply creates demand.

Rabbit-B has a professional local team, serving well-known 2c platforms such as Tmall, JD.com, Xiaohongshu, etc., and provides exclusive import and export according to the characteristics of the brand. We also provide solutions to help brands from various countries connect with the huge Chinese consumer market.

8. Trademark Strategy

Rabbit-B will provide customized services to apply and protect intellectual property rights according to the needs of brands and companies, and help customers realize the value of their intellectual property rights, such as intellectual property strategic planning, commercialization, investment management and other services, which are established in the most effective way starting from the creation of a complete system of intellectual property rights to commercialization, from "ownership" intellectual property rights to "Implementation" the value of intellectual property rights.

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